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Worldwide Coverage
  Effectively reaches targeted markets
  Increasing brand awareness by allowing interactivity with advertising
  Generating customer profile opt-in database profile
  Improving customer loyalty
  Increasing revenues by the ability to monetize traditional advertising mediums
  Extensive support for CRM/Database integration
  Real-time online transaction/status delivery report
  Multi-lingual/Unicode supported
  Flash and WAP SMS supported
  Worldwide SMS coverage

Interactive Reply Service
 GoClickSMS include the ability to receive SMS replies back in to your SMS
 inbox with real-time response.

Detailed Tracking and Analytics
 You're never in the dark about how your SMS campaigns are performing.
 You get access to statistics of all important aspects of your campaign.

Free Registration
 There is NO registration or installation fee. Staff or reseller account creation

No Monthly Fees
 All usage of the services is paid on a pay-as-you-use basis. There are no
 additional monthly fees

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